When are we open?

To Be Determined

Helpful Info & Tips

1. When you arrive at the farm, please park outside the fence along the gravel road. Then come in the gate and up to the farm stand to check in.

2. We supply pails lined with plastic bags for picking. You are welcome to take your berries home in the plastic bags.

3. Please pick all the ripe berries you can find from one bush before moving to another. This makes it nicer for the next picker & also causes less wasted berries! Pick only the berries that are completely blue. Blueberries do not continue to ripen once picked. 

4. We don't spray, but you might want to - sunscreen that is - as our fields provide little shade and the sun can be strong. As this is a working farm, we recommend you wear something sturdier than flip flops.

5. We know you love your pet dog, and we love animals too, but please leave all pets at home. 

6. We have tables and chairs in the shade where you are welcome to hang out after picking to cool off, have a picnic, munch on your fresh berries and peruse the farm stand. 




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