Meet the Family



Claire  Co-Owner and Field Manager

Claire was the original dreamer behind having the family begin their farming venture. Enjoying best her time in the blueberry fields transforming Hunter’s Moon into a biodynamic venture, Claire also is the farm’s resident bee-keeper and sits on the board of directors. Her favorite time is spent with her family.


Hal  Co-Owner (Business Planning, Finances & Marketing)

After spending years in teaching and research, Hal took the leap from being a university professor to farm entrepreneur, and can be found working on all parts of the farm and business. Hal brings a great array of skills to the farm – leading us through discussions of finance, developing our marketing strategy, as well as construction projects such as building farm structures like our new hoop house, farm stand, and walk-in cooler.



Hannah   Product Developer & Communications  

Hannah is a mother by day – and culinary scientist by night! She makes up the third member of the farm’s board of directors and works on marketing, value added product development and web relations.



Petra Photographer & Field Hand

Petra is our resident photographer and is responsible for many of the photographs you find on our website and Facebook pages. In addition, she assists with our u-pick operation and helps with online marketing and development. Petra works with us on the farm whenever she is on break from finishing her studies at boarding school in Canada.

Ayden Taste Tester 

Born into the farm family recently, Ayden has proven quickly his love of the outdoors and interest in picking blueberries with his mama, Hannah. Although a bit young to commit to any particular career direction, Ayden is exploring his options with an internship on the farm learning about weeding, picking berries, and best of all eating them!


Simon Field Hand

Simon is a hands-on master of many tasks: Working in the fields, doing maintenance on a mower, or building a chicken tractor. He rarely hesitates to help with any farm task he is given whenever he is not busy working on his university degree in Colorado. Most importantly, he keeps the whole family laughing when there are too many blueberries to even count! 


Dennis Mechanic 

Dennis is our mechanic and go to for all-about-autos advice. He can also be found in the fields during berry picking season and when the weather is not too cold. Dennis has been a blueberry connoisseur since age 2.



Stella  Wildlife Manager

Friendly farm dog by nature, Stella takes care to patrol the fields and keep birds, bunnies, and deer out of the u-pick rows. You also might catch her playing with her favorite friend, baby Ayden.  




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