Blueberry Honey

This raw honey
comes from the hardworking bees
that pollinate the blueberry bushes
on our Whidbey Island farm and on
other blueberry farms in Washington.
Annual yield of blueberry
honey can be unpredictable due in
large part to the shape of the
flower that makes extracting
nectar a challenge for honey bees.
Blueberry honey has an excellent
flavor, moderately fruity with a
delicate buttery finish.

Please note our thanks to Belleville Honey for their partnership with HMF, providing a pollination service to increase fruit yields, as well as harvesting our honey.

Blueberry Honey is available in two sizes (net weight 22 oz & 44 oz) at the following locations:

Blueberry Honey Sticks are sold individually and in 10-stick bundles at:

  • Hunter's Moon Farm
  • Bayview Farmer's Market (Saturdays 10 to 2pm)
  • Oak Harbor Farmer's Market (Thursdays 4 to 7pm)



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